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It has been reported recently that some oximes reactivating acetylcholinesterase (AChE) exhibit concomitant ganglion-blocking effects which presumably could contribute independently to their powerfull antidotal action in organophosphate inhibitor (OPI) poisoning, thus mimicking some unrelated substances which are effective antidotes without reactivating(More)
The left ureter was isolated and its nutritive arteries interrupted in 43 rabbits. The blood flow in the isolated and in the control ureters was estimated intravitally by measuring the temperature in the wall of the ureters, and postmortally by counting the capillaries injected with India ink. The vascularization of the isolated ureter was lowered at 3 days(More)
OBJECTIVES We explored factors that influenced whether minors involved or excluded a parent when seeking an abortion. METHODS In the summer of 2010, we conducted interviews with 30 minors who sought an abortion in a state that did not require parental involvement at the time. Interviews were coded and analyzed following the principles of the grounded(More)
Based on oxidative enzyme activity levels, fibres exhibiting moderate and high levels may be identified in the soleus of the rat. Fibres showing moderate activity are classified as Type I fibres, while those showing high activity may belong to Type I or Type II. According to the level of ATPase activity in fixed sections, we can distinguish three types of(More)
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