Anna Dalmau-Mallorquí

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Semiconductor nanowire arrays are reproducible and rational platforms for the realization of high performing designs of light emitting diodes and photovoltaic devices. In this paper we present an overview of the growth challenges of III-V nanowire arrays obtained by molecular beam epitaxy and the design of III-V nanowire arrays on silicon for solar cells.(More)
We report on a new form of III-V compound semiconductor nanostructures growing epitaxially as vertical V-shaped nanomembranes on Si(001) and study their light-scattering properties. Precise position control of the InAs nanostructures in regular arrays is demonstrated by bottom-up synthesis using molecular beam epitaxy in nanoscale apertures on a SiO(2)(More)
We demonstrate morphology-dependent second-harmonic generation (SHG) from InAs V-shaped nanomembranes. We show SHG correlation with the nano-wing shape and size, experimentally quantify the SHG efficiency, and demonstrate a maximum SHG enhancement of about 500 compared to the bulk. Experimental data are supported by rigorous calculations of local(More)
GaAs nanowire arrays on silicon offer great perspectives in the optoelectronics and solar cell industry. To fulfill this potential, gold-free growth in predetermined positions should be achieved. Ga-assisted growth of GaAs nanowires in the form of array has been shown to be challenging and difficult to reproduce. In this work, we provide some of the key(More)
Organized growth of high aspect-ratio nanostructures such as membranes is interesting for opto-electronic and energy harvesting applications. Recently, we reported a new form of InAs nano-membranes grown on Si substrates with enhanced light scattering properties. In this paper we study how to tune the morphology of the membranes by changing the growth(More)
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