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OBJECTIVES The aim of this research was to explore with a heterogeneous Muslim population their understanding of the concept of mental health and how any mental distress experienced by an individual can best be addressed. DESIGN A qualitative approach was taken. Participants were interviewed, and data analysed thematically. METHODS A sample of 14(More)
UNLABELLED Clinical supervision is a multi-functional intervention within numerous psychotherapeutic professions, including clinical psychology. It often relies on supervisees' verbal disclosures of pertinent information. There is limited research on supervisee self-disclosure in the UK, and none using clinical psychology populations. This study aimed to(More)
Parents are perhaps the best placed individuals to comment upon their child's life story, including early life experiences, transitions and their child's needs. However, research has rarely focussed on the views of parents of young people who have committed serious offences. This research aimed to explore parents' opinions of which factors may have led to(More)
Research into children's perspectives and understandings of emotional difficulties is limited and methodologically varied. In this paper we explore young children's perspectives and understandings of emotional difficulties in their peers. We conducted five focus groups involving a total of 25 children. The children, aged eight and nine, were presented with(More)
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