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OBJECTIVES Osteoporosis is a multifactoral disease with aetiology depending from the hormonal, environmental, and genetic factors. One of the suggested candidate gene involved in the pathogenesis is the polymorphic gene encoding for vitamin D receptor (VDR). VDR polymorphism was connected with bone mineral density (BMD) and correlated with onset of(More)
The aim of this study was the evaluation of blood flow factors prognostical value in differentiation of malignancy among ovarian tumors--sensitivity of this method was 81.8--90.9%, specificity was 88.5%, positive predict value 75.0--76.9% and negative predict value 92.0--95.8%. It was stated that Dopplers method is very usefull in diagnosis of malignant(More)
Ectopic pregnancy regardless its localization always remains difficult diagnostic and therapeutical problem. Special attention is paid to cervical pregnancy because of its rare incidence and poor prognosis (even in this day and age maternal death rate is 40-45%). In this paper there has been reported the case of 38 years old patient, admitted to Dept of(More)
Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia has been considered a problem of postmenopausal years, but its frequency appears to be increasing among younger women. Bowen's disease is a form of VIN III carcinoma in situ, that may appear clinically as pigmented lesions. This pathology mostly concerns younger women, and is probably connected with human papilloma virus(More)
The purpose of the study was to estimate blood flow in uterine arteries in patients with uterus cervix invasive carcinoma. In the study the colour Doppler ultrasonography was used. It was found out that in the group of patients with uterus cervix carcinoma pulsation index (PI)--1.82 +/- 1.44 as well as resistance index (RI)--0.72 +/- 0.12 are statistically(More)
THE AIM To record blood flow velocimetry in the fetal superior mesenteric artery in normal pregnancy and to evaluate if blood flow recordings in the vessel might predict adverse outcome in high-risk pregnancy. METHODS The fetal superior mesenteric artery blood velocimetry was recorded in a cross sectional manner in 75 normal pregnancies between 27 and 41(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate the role of transvaginal color Doppler ultrasonography in detecting endometrial pathology in postmenopausal women A group of 140 women with abnormal postmenopausal bleeding was examined by TVS with color Doppler before D & C. Histopathologic and blood flow characteristics were evaluated. Abnormal blood flow(More)
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