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The isokinetic strength of the knee extensor muscles of both limbs, at the speed of 30 degrees/second, was evaluated in 25 children and adolescents with Down syndrome. Comparison with two control groups of 40 intellectually average individuals and 30 individuals with mental retardation of unknown origin showed that both children and adolescents with Down(More)
We describe kinematics, kinetics and electromyographic patterns of a patient with spinal myoclonus of the left lower limb, during walking. Gait analysis was performed when the patient was OFF and ON his treatment with antiepileptic drugs. When OFF, we mainly observed clonic bursts and out-of-phase activations of m. tibialis anterior and m. rectus femoris,(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to detect the eventual presence of a minor voluntary motor involvement in restless legs syndrome (RLS), not detectable clinically, which might be observed by means of a sophisticated instrumental analysis of movement, such as gait analysis. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Gait analysis was performed and surface EMG activity(More)
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