Anna Choy

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Intellectual functioning, parental age, and sexual orientation in 991 male sexual offenders were investigated. Sources of data included semistructured interviews, clinical charts, phallometric tests, and self-administered questionnaires. The results suggest two main conclusions: (i) Among pedophiles in general, erotic preference moves away from adult women(More)
Surgeons have long been concerned that cancer may be disseminated by shedding of tumour cells into the bloodstream during surgery. Early claims that cancer operations induced an increase in the number of tumour cells shed into the circulation were subsequently discredited, and the issue has remained unresolved. We used immunocytochemistry for cytokeratins(More)
AIMS High-sensitivity cardiac troponin I (cTnI) assays hold promise in detecting the transition from hypertrophy to heart failure in aortic stenosis. We sought to investigate the mechanism for troponin release in patients with aortic stenosis and whether plasma cTnI concentrations are associated with long-term outcome. METHODS AND RESULTS Plasma cTnI(More)
In Hong Kong, elderly patients discharged from hospital are at high risk of unplanned readmission. The Integrated Care Model (ICM) program is introduced to provide continuous and coordinated care for high risk elders from hospital to community to prevent unplanned readmission. A multidisciplinary working group was set up to address the requirements on(More)
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