Anna Chountala

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The objective was to study the risk factors in patients with erectile dysfunction in correlation with ultrasound findings of penile vasculature. Patients with erectile dysfunction were classified in four groups according to their risk factors. Group A (37 pts) who were heavy smokers, group B (40 pts) who suffered from diabetes mellitus, group C (30 pts) who(More)
Abstract: A computerized phenomena explanation task designed with E-prime was used to investigate changes in explanations about natural phenomena happening after exposure to science instruction. One hundred and four (104) elementary school children and 43 college undergraduates verified 4 different explanations for each of 60 different phenomena belonging(More)
We investigate the hypothesis that Executive Functions (EFs) are implicated in the learning of science and mathematics by examining the relation between performance in two Science and Mathematics Conceptual Understanding and Conceptual Change (CU&C) tasks, and two Stroop-like Inhibition and Shifting EF tasks, in a group of 69 4 th and 6 th grader children.(More)
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