Anna Chikova

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Approximately 30% of human tumors characterized to date express DNA polymerase beta (pol beta) variant proteins. Two of the polymerase beta cancer-associated variants are sequence-specific mutators, and one of them binds to DNA but has no polymerase activity. The Leu22Pro (L22P) DNA polymerase beta variant was identified in a gastric carcinoma. Leu22(More)
Approximately 30% of human tumors examined for mutations in polymerase beta (pol beta) appear to express pol beta variant proteins (D. Starcevic, S. Dalal, and J. B. Sweasy, Cell Cycle 3:998-1001, 2004). Many of these variants result from a single amino acid substitution. We have previously shown that the K289M and I260M colon and prostate cancer variants,(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the accuracy of a new assay to determine the fetal RHD status using circulating cell-free DNA. METHODS This was a prospective, observational study. Maternal blood samples were collected in each trimester of pregnancy in 520 nonalloimmunized RhD-negative patients. Plasma samples were analyzed for circulating cell-free DNA using the(More)
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