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Rapid deceleration occurs when substantial force slows the speed of a vehicle. Rapid deceleration events (RDEs) have been proposed as a surrogate safety measure. As there is concern about crash involvement of older drivers and the effect of age-related declining visual and cognitive function on driving performance, we examined the relationship between RDEs(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize home and leisure injuries and their immediate consequences among adults aged 20-60 years and to look for homogeneous profiles of injury circumstances to assess the possibility of setting up prevention programs. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey by questionnaire completed on the occasion of a medical visit after a first episode of(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore and deepen understanding of factors influencing driving exposure for older drivers. DESIGN Cross-sectional. SETTING Baseline data on function and driving exposure from 1 week of driving were evaluated. PARTICIPANTS A convenience sample of 380 drivers aged 75 and older, residing in northwest Sydney, was recruited. Participants(More)
The data presented in this article are related to the research manuscript "Predictors of older drivers' involvement in rapid deceleration events", which investigates potential predictors of older drivers' involvement in rapid deceleration events including measures of vision, cognitive function and driving confidence (A. Chevalier et al., 2016) [1]. In(More)
There is little objective evidence about the extent older drivers' are involved in speeding or factors that may influence this behaviour. Particular concern exists for the increasing number of older drivers with poor or declining cognitive and visual function. This study investigates whether a reduction in speeding forms part of the self-restrictive driving(More)
OBJECTIVE Even small increases in vehicle speed raise crash risk and resulting injury severity. Older drivers are at increased risk of involvement in casualty crashes and injury compared to younger drivers. However, there is little objective evidence about older drivers' speeding. This study investigates the nature and predictors of high-range speeding(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether overweight or obesity among children (aged 2 to ≤5 years) is associated with direct healthcare costs, after adjusting for child, household, and socioeconomic characteristics. METHODS A longitudinal cohort analysis was performed in 350 children aged 2 years assessed over 3 years of follow-up. Child weight status was(More)
BACKGROUND Viet Nam does not have a system for the national collection of death data that meets international requirements for mortality reporting. It is identified as a 'no-report' country by the WHO. Verbal autopsy reports are used in the community but exclude deaths in hospitals. METHODS This project was undertaken in Bach Mai National General Hospital(More)
BACKGROUND Vietnam has prioritised the establishment of a civil registration system for deaths but as yet is unable to report accurate national statistics for the population of 93.5 million people due to inadequate mortality data. Verbal autopsy data suggest that injury is a third leading cause of death (by International Statistical Classification of(More)