Anna Chen

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The open-pit mining problem is to determine the contours of a mine, based on economic data and engineering feasibility requirements in order to yield maximumpossible net income. This practical problem needs to be solved for very large data sets. In practice, moreover, it is necessary to test multiple scenarios taking into account a variety of realizations(More)
Cooperating agents can make commitments to help each other, but commitments might have to be probabilistic when actions have stochastic outcomes. We consider the additional complication in cases where an agent might prefer to change its policy as it learns more about its reward function from experience. How should such an agent be allowed to change its(More)
Named Entity Disambiguation is the task of disambiguating named entity mentions in unstructured text and linking them to their corresponding entries in a large knowledge base such as Freebase. Practically, each text match in a given document should be mapped to the correct entity out of the corresponding entities in the knowledge base or none of them if no(More)
Neural networks have shown to be a practical way of building a very complex mapping between a pre-specified input space and output space. For example, a convolutional neural network (CNN) mapping an image into one of a thousand object labels is approaching human performance in this particular task. However the mapping (neural network) does not automatically(More)
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