Anna Carluccio

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BACKGROUND Patient experience is increasingly used as an indicator of high quality care in addition to more traditional clinical end-points. Surveys are generally accepted as appropriate methodology to capture patient experience. No validated patient experience surveys exist specifically for adolescents and young adults (AYA) aged 13-24 years at diagnosis(More)
In this paper a secure communication method is proposed, based on left in-vertibility of output-quantized dynamical systems. The sender uses an output-quantized linear system with a feedback function to encode messages, which are sequences of inputs of the system. So left invertibility property enables the receiver to recover the messages. The secret key is(More)
OBJECTIVES In many countries, minority ethnic groups report poorer care in patient surveys. This could be because they get worse care or because they respond differently to such surveys. We conducted an experiment to determine whether South Asian people in England rate simulated GP consultations the same or differently from White British people. If these(More)
Plant viruses are obligate parasites that exploit host components for replication and spread inside the host. Transport of the viral genome is enabled by movement proteins (MPs) targeting the cell periphery to mediate passage throughout plasmodesmata (PD). Pectin methylesterase (PME) is one of the critical host factors facilitating MPs in PD gating, and a(More)
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