Anna Capozzi

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A national survey of plastic surgeons has been conducted to determinr the incidence of occult breat carcinoma in patients having a subcutaneous mastectomy. The results are reported herein. We believe subcutaneous mastectomy is the most effective prophylactic procedure presently available that is acceptable to women who have a high risk of developing(More)
The sonographic appearance of 141 hepatic and abdominal hydatid cysts was studied in 63 patients undergoing therapy with benzoimidazolic compounds. The cysts were evaluated for size, margins of the cyst wall, and echo pattern of cyst contents to establish the response to the drugs. Changes seen on ultrasound (US) scans were classified as decrease in size,(More)
We have used 104 low-profile polyurethane-covered gel-filled mammary prostheses in 54 patients. Only one patient has developed capsular contracture. Foreign-body reaction to polyurethane was clinically significant in only one patient. Other complications have been few and of the type that can accompany any type of mammary prosthesis. Of the 54 patients(More)
A complication of augmentation mammaplasty is presented in which the bag of a gel-filled implant ruptured and the thin gel migrated through subcutaneous planes as far as the groin. We feel that when a rupture of a gel-filled prosthesis becomes evident, it should be replaced as soon as possible if such migration is to be prevented (particularly if the gel is(More)
  • A Capozzi
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • 1986
Following breast augmentation, 100 patients with inflatable saline implants were followed for a period of 6 months to 8 1/2 years. Capsular contracture rate, Baker II or greater, was 3.4 percent. This low rate of capsular contracture is attributed to early manipulation of the implant. The deflation rate was also 3.4 percent. The Heyer-Schulte (Mentor)(More)
Data are presented on 1,244 patients who had subcutaneous mastectomies during the past fourteen years with an average follow-up of seven years. Obscure lobular carcinoma in situ was found in 4.3% of patients and obscure ductal or intraductal carcinoma was found in 5.1%, for a total of 9.4%. Breast cancer developed in only 6 patients after subcutaneous(More)
The use of xenon Xe 133 ventilation-perfusion lung scans for the early diagnosis of inhalation injury was evaluated in 67 patients with acute thermal burns. Study results were interpreted as normal if there was complete pulmonary clearance of the radioactive gas by 150 seconds. Thirty-two scans were normal, 32 abnormal, and three technically inadequate.(More)