Anna C. Mascherek

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The present study examines whether the relationship between memory complaints and memory performance is better assessed by analyzing the mutual development. Five hundred participants, averaging 62.9 years of age at first measurement, were measured three times over 12 years. After establishing partial strong factorial invariance, correlations between levels(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND/STUDY CONTEXT: Typical intellectual engagement has been postulated as a trait-like construct that can explain interindividual differences in the extent of engaging in cognitively challenging tasks. Although formulated within the framework of cognitive development, the developmental aspects of typical intellectual engagement itself have(More)
BACKGROUND The WHO-surgical checklist is strongly recommended as a highly effective yet economically simple intervention to improve patient safety. Its use and potentially influential factors were investigated as little data exist on the current situation in Switzerland. METHODS A cross-sectional online survey with members (N = 1378) of three Swiss(More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Safety climate measurements are a broadly used element of improvement initiatives. In order to provide a sound and easy-to-administer instrument for the use in Swiss hospitals, we translated the Safety Climate Survey into German and French. METHODS After translating the Safety Climate Survey into French and German, a(More)
OBJECTIVE Identifying patient safety priorities in mental healthcare is an emerging issue. A variety of aspects of patient safety in medical care apply for patient safety in mental care as well. However, specific aspects may be different as a consequence of special characteristics of patients, setting and treatment. The aim of the present study was to(More)
BACKGROUND Compliance with surgical checklist use remains an obstacle in the context of checklist implementation programs. The theory of planned behaviour was applied to analyse attitudes, perceived behaviour control, and norms as psychological antecedents of individuals' intentions to use the checklist. METHODS A cross-sectional survey study with staff(More)
The present study examined measurement invariance in the three anger expression subscales of the STAXI (Spielberger, 1988) with respect to gender. In a sample of 576 male and 531 female students, strict measurement invariance was found. For all three anger expression factors, no differences in variances or factor correlations were found. A large negative(More)
OBJECTIVES Typical intellectual engagement (TIE) is related to cognitive development across the life span, but the development of TIE itself has not been examined. In the present study, structural change, differential change, absolute change, stability of divergence, and the generality of changes in the 4 TIE-factors abstract thinking, problem solving,(More)
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