Anna Butorina

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The following range of changes in response to anthropogenic stress has been revealed in experimental birch seedlings relative to control: increased mitotic index, the range and frequency of abnormal mitoses, number of cells with persistent nucleoli, and number of cells in prophase. Cells with vacuolated cytoplasm were also observed. The mutagenic pressure(More)
A sensitivity scale for criteria used in cytogenetic monitoring was constructed on the basis of published data and the results of experiments on exposingZebrina pendula Schirt. plants to radon at various equivalent volume equilibrium activities. It was found that nucleolar activity and suppression of mitotic activity are the most and the least sensitive(More)
The data on the cytogenetic monitoring of the Usmansky and Khrenovskoy autochthonic pine stands (Voronezh Region) allow their status to be rated satisfactory. The indices of the mitotic and nucleolar activity as well as of abnormal mitosis were within the normal variation range for Scotch pine. However, the occurrence of micronuclei (less than 1%) points to(More)
It has been shown that in seed progeny of Quercus robur L., Pinus sylvestris L. and Betula pendula Roth. some cytogenetical characteristics vary under conditions of contamination. Such changes may be common or specific type. Thus, the frequency of pathological mitosis increases under such conditions in all the investigated species of trees. Inhibition of(More)
Cytogenetic variation was analyzed in daughter populations of Scotch pine from the Voronezh Forestry. The dependence of the variation on the method of seed collection (the commercial method; the population method, when seeds from a group of phenotypically normal trees in the center of the forest are collected; or the individual method, when seeds from plus(More)
A study was made of some cytogenetic characteristics (mitotic activity, the level and spectrum of pathological mitosis, nucleolar features in root tip cells) in birch plantlets. The seeds were collected in four districts of Voronezh and in the ecologically clean territory. The index of mitotic activity has a considerable resistance to anthropogenous(More)
Cytogenetic parameters (the mitotic rate and the frequency of pathological mitoses) of the seed offspring of weeping birch (Betula pendula Roth.) and the frequency of micronuclei in the buccal epithelium of children living in several raions (districts) of the city of Voronezh differing in environmental conditions were studied. Judging from these parameters,(More)
A comparative cytogenetic study has been performed in four populations of two pine species, Pinus cretaceae Kalen. and P. sylvestris L., growing on sandy and chalky substrates in Voronezh and Belgorod oblasts. Significant differences in the parameters of mitotic and nucleolar activities, as well as the rate and spectrum of mitotic pathology, between(More)
The karyotype (2n = 24 + 1B) was detected in 8 trees of Picea glauca (Moench.) Voss. = P. canadensis B.S.P., and the karyotype (2n = 24) was detected in 2 trees of spruce from the same stand in the centre of Voronezh. The majority of seeds, collected from these trees, were empty. From 150 selected seeds, which were full, four plantlets were obtained. One of(More)