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BACKGROUND Functional symptoms and disorders are common in primary care. Bodily distress syndrome (BDS) is a newly proposed clinical diagnosis for functional disorders. The BDS diagnosis is based on empirical research, and the symptoms stated in the BDS criteria have been translated into a self-report questionnaire called the BDS checklist. The aim of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Bodily distress syndrome (BDS) is a newly proposed diagnosis for functional disorders. The diagnosis is based on empirical research, but little is known about the course of the disease. We aimed to study the prognosis in terms of diagnosis stability over time. METHOD A longitudinal study of 1356 primary care patients with 2-year follow-up was(More)
BACKGROUND Bodily distress syndrome (BDS) is a newly proposed diagnosis of medically unexplained symptoms, which is based on empirical research in primary care. AIM To estimate the frequency of BDS in primary care and describe the characteristics of patients with BDS. DESIGN AND SETTING A cross-sectional study of primary care patients in urban and rural(More)
BACKGROUND Conceptualisation and classification of functional disorders appear highly inconsistent in the health-care system, particularly in primary care. Numerous terms and overlapping diagnostic criteria are prevalent of which many are considered stigmatising by general practitioners and patients. The lack of a clear concept challenges the general(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients consult their GP because they experience bodily symptoms. In a substantial proportion of cases, the clinical picture does not meet the existing diagnostic criteria for diseases or disorders. This may be because symptoms are recent and evolving or because symptoms are persistent but, either by their character or the negative results(More)
BACKGROUND Consultations involving patients with multiple somatic symptoms may be considered as challenging and time-consuming by general practitioners (GPs). Yet, little is known about the possible links between consultation characteristics and GP-experienced burden of encounter. We aimed to explore consultation content, clinical management strategies,(More)
The abstract reads well Background The literature review is sound and the concept of BDS, though reported in the literature previously, is currently presented to a wider readership in primary care. One consideration of such a catch-all category which captures a spectrum of disorders is how to classify severity, duration and level of associated disability –(More)
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