Anna Brzek

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BACKGROUND Maintaining functional fitness is an important problem in elderly people. Effective balance control is one of its main aspects. Evaluation and diagnosis of the weakest link in balance control (especially in this age group) facilitates appropriate prevention and rehabilitation. The goal of this study was to determine the role of the optic(More)
Exemplification of movement patterns is most noticeable in the youngest pupils group. Generally, children do not know which patterns are correct and which ones are risk factors. After correcting and stabilizing some improper patterns, a child can perform their daily activities without constant cognizance of their appropriateness. The concept of this(More)
Background. Compensation for abnormal alignment of body parts in scoliosis may occur above or below the pelvis. This manifests as dislocation of body parts or changes in the angular composition of the lower limbs. Compensation for unbalanced body arrangement through changes in pelvic tilt and lower limb joints are typically reflected in the gait pattern of(More)
Background. A review of the literature indicates that exercises strengthening the dorsal extensor muscles occupy a significant place in the program of posture reeducation. These exercises are usually performed in positions other than vertical. It has not been proven, however, that the strength of these muscles in children with scoliosis is insufficient to(More)
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