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Puberty is a central process in the complex set of changes that constitutes the transition from childhood to adolescence. Research on the role of pubertal change in this transition has been impeded by the difficulty of assessing puberty in ways acceptable to young adolescents and others involved. Addressing this problem, this paper describes and presents(More)
Recent studies of adult-infant interaction suggest that adults modify their behavior in order to change or maintain an infant's state of arousal. We pursued this question by asking whether mothers modify their actions in response to infant facial expression or gaze direction. Subjects were 7 mother-infant (4--8 month old) pairs in which mothers were(More)
A sample of 149 university students completed the Francis Psychological Type Scales together with the Francis Scale of Attitude Toward Christianity. The data indicated that university students classified as Feeling Types hold a more positive attitude toward Christianity than those classified as Thinking Types. These findings replicate the 1999 report of(More)
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