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This policy study evaluates the effects of the “Lifeline” and “Linkup” subsidy programs on telephone penetration rates of low-income households, and provides a framework for evaluating similar policies for Internet access. These two programs, respectively, subsidize the monthly subscription and initial connection prices for low-income households. Our demand(More)
The Period 2 (Per2) gene is an important component of the circadian system. It appears to be not only part of the core oscillator mechanism, but also part of the input and output pathways of the clock. Because of its involvement at multiple levels of the circadian system, Per2 needs to meet a variety of different demands. We discuss how Per2 might be able(More)
Existing models of the term structure of interest rate swap yields assume a unique regime for the data generating process and ascribe variations in swap-Treasury yield spread to default risk or to liquidity premium. However, the interest rate swap market has been marked by economic events and institutional changes that might have significant effects on the(More)
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