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The biogeochemistry and microbiology of sulfidic mine waste and bioleaching dumps and heaps, and novel Fe(II)-oxidizing bacteria
Abstract More than 70 microbiological studies of sulfidic mine dumps and heaps have been published. The microbiology and the relevant biogeochemical processes in the dumps and heaps are reviewed andExpand
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Microbial photosynthesis in coral reef sediments (Heron Reef, Australia)
We investigated microphytobenthic photosynthesis at four stations in the coral reef sediments at Heron Reef, Australia. The microphytobenthos was dominated by diatoms, dinoflagellates andExpand
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Subseafloor microbial communities associated with rapid turbidite deposition in the Gulf of Mexico continental slope (IODP Expedition 308).
The subseafloor microbial communities in the turbidite depositional basins Brazos-Trinity Basin IV (BT Basin) and the Mars-Ursa Basin (Ursa Basin) on the Gulf of Mexico continental slope (IODP holesExpand
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High abundance of JS-1- and Chloroflexi-related Bacteria in deeply buried marine sediments revealed by quantitative, real-time PCR.
Sequences of members of the bacterial candidate division JS-1 and the classes Anaerolineae and Caldilineae of the phylum Chloroflexi are frequently found in 16S rRNA gene clone libraries obtainedExpand
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Real-Time PCR Quantification and Diversity Analysis of the Functional Genes aprA and dsrA of Sulfate-Reducing Prokaryotes in Marine Sediments of the Peru Continental Margin and the Black Sea
Sulfate-reducing prokaryotes (SRP) are ubiquitous and quantitatively important members in many ecosystems, especially in marine sediments. However their abundance and diversity in subsurface marineExpand
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Diversity of Iron Oxidizing Bacteria from Various Sulfidic Mine Waste Dumps
More than 100 cultures of acidophilic Fe(II)- and/or sulfur-oxidizing microorganisms from mine waste dumps in 10 different countries all over the world have been maintained in liquid media in theExpand
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The Deep Biosphere in Terrestrial Sediments in the Chesapeake Bay Area, Virginia, USA
For the first time quantitative data on the abundance of Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya in deep terrestrial sediments are provided using multiple methods (total cell counting, quantitative real-timeExpand
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Symbioses between bacteria and gutless marine oligochaetes.
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Subsea £ oormicrobial communities associatedwith rapid turbidite deposition in theGulfofMexico continental slope ( IODPExpedition 308 )
Subsea£oormicrobial communities associatedwith rapid turbidite deposition in theGulfofMexico continental slope (IODPExpedition308) Takuro Nunoura, Bruno Soffientino, Anna Blazejak, Jungo Kakuta,Expand
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