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In non-pulsatile cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity (BFV) is characterized by infra-slow oscillations of approximately 0.06Hz, which are paralleled by changes in total EEG power variability (EEG-PV), measured in 2s intervals. Since the origin of these BFV oscillations is not known, we explored their possible causative(More)
  • A Bet, T E R P R O P E R T Y Ta, X Sy S T E M F, O R Kan S A S B Y A R T H
  • 2009
Executive Summary People love to hate the property tax. Taxes based on the unpredictable values for homes and businesses seem disconnected from people's ability to pay and the service-quality they receive from government. In sum, people hate the property tax because they hate the appraisal system. Proposition K offers a simple—but some will say radical—plan(More)
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