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Analyzing the functional dynamics of technological innovation systems: A scheme of analysis
Various researchers and policy analysts have made empirical studies of innovation systems in order to understand their current structure and trace their dynamics. However, policy makers oftenExpand
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Transforming the Energy Sector : The evolution of technological systems in renewable energy technology
This paper analyses the development and diffusion of technologies that utilize renewable energy sources in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. The analysis enlarges the life cycle model of industryExpand
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Incubator best practice: A framework
Incubators have become a ubiquitous phenomenon in many parts of the world and are viewed as a tool for promoting the development of technology-based growth firms. Considering the large faith and theExpand
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‘Legitimation’ and ‘development of positive externalities’: two key processes in the formation phase of technological innovation systems
Responding to the climate change challenge requires a massive development and diffusion of carbon neutral technologies and, thus, emergence and growth of new socio-technical systems. This paperExpand
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Innovation system analyses and sustainability transitions: Contributions and suggestions for research
This paper argues (1) that technology-specific policies are necessary if we are to meet the climate challenge and (2) that a main contribution of innovation system (IS) analysis to the study ofExpand
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Technological innovation systems in contexts: conceptualizing contextual structures and interaction dynamics
This paper addresses interactions between technological innovation systems (TIS) and wider "context structures". While TIS studies have always considered various kinds of contextual influences, weExpand
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Shaping and Exploiting Technological Opportunities: The Case of Renewable Energy Technology in Sweden
This thesis focuses on how the Swedish capital goods industry exploits (or fails to exploit) opportunities within renewable energy technology to build new growth industries and how it, in thatExpand
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The emergence of a growth industry: a comparative analysis of the German, Dutch and Swedish wind turbine industries
The objective of this paper is to compare the evolution of the wind turbine industry in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. Four factors stand out in explaining the relative success of the GermanExpand
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Functions in innovation systems: A framework for analysing energy system dynamics and identifying goals for system-building activities by entrepreneurs and policy makers
This book shows that although innovations in energy systems represent a core contribution to achieving national and international energy policy goals, theoretical approaches to understandingExpand
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Technological discontinuities and the challenge for incumbent firms: Destruction, disruption or creative accumulation?
The creative destruction of existing industries as a consequence of discontinuous technological change is a central theme in the literature on industrial innovation and technological development.Expand
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