Anna Bednorz

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Inhibitor 1 (I-1) is a protein inhibitor of protein phosphatase 1 (PP1), the predominating Ser/Thr phosphatase in the heart. Non-phosphorylated I-1 is inactive, whereas I-1 phosphorylated by protein kinase A (PKA) at Thr35 is a potent PP1 inhibitor. The phosphatases that dephosphorylate I-1Thr35 and thus deactivate I-1 in the heart are not established. Here(More)
Hypothalamic GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) neurons play a critical role in the initiation and maintenance of reproduction competence. Using the mouse GnRH neuronal cell line, GT1-7, we have characterized the expression of the gene mPer1, a recognized key element of the mammalian circadian clockwork. Both mPer1 transcripts and the 136 kDa mPER1 gene(More)
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