Anna Basińska-Starzycka

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The Short-Time Directed Transfer Function (SDTF) is an estimator based on a multivariate autoregressive model which has proved to be successful in ERP experiments, e.g. those connected with motor action and its imagination. The aim of this study is the evaluation of the performance of SDTF in the cognitive experiment. We have applied SDTF for the estimation(More)
Correlations between measures of attention and topographical abnormalities of evoked cortical potentials elicited during the Continuous Attention Test (CAT) were assessed in 50 schizophrenic patients, compared to 50 healthy subjects. For each group and for each CAT condition evoked responses consisted of six successive epochs (segments) of stable spatially(More)
AIM Combined biological and psychological basis of anorexia nervosa, related to increased self-control, low self-esteem and peculiar motivation, makes a synthetic approach still hard to achieve. The presented study assessed cognitive functions in anorectic patients with respect to both neuropsychological (test of attention) and biological (electrophysiology(More)
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