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Cyclic chronopotentiometry provides a very simple detection method, which may be particularly useful in capillary electrophoresis (CE) and microseparation systems. It has been shown that for disk microelectrodes it is possible to define safe reduction and oxidation currents that would never lead to the formation of H2 or O2 gas bubbles, even if they are(More)
Mucoadhesive gelling systems based on chitosan and chitosan/β-glycerophosphate (β-GP) were developed in order to increase clotrimazole residence time in the vaginal cavity. Ex vivo mucoadhesiveness using porcine vaginal mucosa followed with mechanical, viscoelastic, and swelling properties of prepared hydrogels were evaluated. Drug-free, sterile,(More)
Runtime monitoring is an important technique for catching failures. This work shows how to synthesize hardware runtime monitors using High-Level Synthesis to check system requirements that are formalized and expressed in Signal Temporal Logic. We describe our flow starting from a natural language requirement to hardware implementation. As a case study, we(More)
The main advantage of the application of cyclic chronopotentiometry (CCP) in end-column CE detection arises from the fact that the detection parameters and the magnitude of the analytical signal are (in contrast with other electrochemical detection methods) independent of the ohmic polarization of the solution caused by the separation current at the(More)
Tobacco addiction is a serious health and economic problem concerning the whole globe. High-school teenagers are a group of society whose habits, knowledge about harmfulness of smoking tobacco have an influence on future development. The aim of the thesis was to define the problem of high-school teenagers' addiction to nicotine. The research was conducted(More)
Taste of a pharmaceutical formulation is an important parameter for the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy. Cetirizine dihydrochloride (CET) is a second-generation antihistamine that is commonly administered in allergy treatment. CET is characterized by extremely bitter taste and it is a great challenge to successfully mask its taste; therefore the goal of(More)
The aim of this study was to develop orally disintegrated tablets (ODT) with loratadine using Parteck ODT and Ludiflash--new commercially available tableting excipients based on co-processed mannitol. ODT containing loratadine were prepared with 3% addition of various superdisintegrants (AcDiSol, Kollidon CL-F and Kollidon CL-SF) by direct compression(More)
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