Anna Bakantaki

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The aim of this study was to assess whether contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CE-US) could provide improved diagnostic information in detecting liver metastases from colorectal cancer as compared to B-mode non-enhanced ultrasound (B-US). 32 patients (M/F 23/9, age range 48-82 years, mean 58.2 years) under chemotherapy for colorectal cancer were examined with(More)
Enterococcal urinary tract infection (UTI) is usually hospital-acquired and affects individuals with predisposing conditions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the community-acquired enterococcal UTIs in otherwise well children. We reviewed all the 257 first UTI episodes in children hospitalized in a General Hospital during a 5-year period. Enterococcus(More)
Fasting gallbladder volume and fasting gallbladder roundness index (ratio of anteroposterior diameter to gallbladder length) were estimated by ultrasonography in 182 normal subjects and 43 patients with gallstones and correlated to body size indices. In 20 of the normal subjects, gallbladder emptying was assessed and correlated to gallbladder roundness(More)
PURPOSE To assess the frequency of high-resolution and color Doppler sonographic findings in the most common diseases of childhood manifested with cervical lymphadenopathy at initial presentation. MATERIAL AND METHODS High-resolution and color Doppler US were performed in 103 and 43 children respectively, with cervical lymphadenopathy at initial(More)
We report an unusual case of a 3-year-old child with appendicitis complicated by ileoileal intussusception. Although acute complicated appendicitis and concurrent ileoileal intussusception represent a possible cause of an acute abdomen, very few cases have been reported in the literature.
Magnetic resonance imaging of pituitary hyperplasia has been rarely described in children with primary hypothyroidism. We report a case of pituitary hyperplasia in a child presented with significant growth arrest and laboratory evidence of hypothyroidism. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed symmetrical pituitary enlargement simulating macroadenoma. After(More)
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