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BACKGROUND The detectability of adrenal incidentalomas (incidentally found adrenal tumours) in the whole population is estimated at 0.1%; 0.42% in non-endocrine patients and at 4.3% in oncologically diagnosed ones. Even up to 16% of incidentalomas of adrenal glands can be malignant lesions. The issue of crucial importance is the histopathological(More)
Cognitive functions have been reported to be impaired in patient with primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT). The aim of this psychological study was to evaluate cognitive disturbances in pHPT in relation to serum calcium levels before and after surgery. A prospective, case–control study with 1-year follow-up of 35 pHPT patients versus 35 matched controls was(More)
Hypothyroidism may result in accelerated atherosclerosis. Hyperhomocysteinaemia is an independent risk factor for premature atherosclerotic vascular disease. The aim of the present study was to assess plasma total homocysteine (tHcy), folate and cobalamin concentrations in hypothyroid patients before and after treatment. Thirty-one hypothyroid and thirty(More)
PURPOSE Glucocorticoids have particularly strong impact on the thromboembolic complications. A factor which increases the risk of thrombosis is hyperhomocysteinemia, observed in patients with hypercortisolemia. Proinflammatory factors also affect the haemostatic balance. There has been an extensive research which estimates hemostatic system in patients with(More)
ErbB-1, -2, -3 and -4 proteins are growth factor receptors, encoded by the family of respective erbB protooncogenes. These receptor-encoding proto-oncogenes frequently undergo amplification, and less frequently, a deletion, in several human neoplasms. The role of the ErbB family in human endocrine neoplasms, including pheochromocytoma (PHEO), was not(More)
INTRODUCTION Epidemiologic data show a higher frequency of thromboembolic incidents in obese individuals compared with normal weight subjects. Pro-inflammatory factors seem to play an important role in their development. It has not been fully explained so far how alpha1-antitrypsin (alpha1ATp) and alpha2-macroglobulin (alpha2MG) act in obese subjects. Both(More)
A 50-year-old woman, who presented with progressive androgenization, central obesity and severe hypertension, was initially suspected to have an adrenal virilizing tumor. Her serum testosterone level was in the male range (9.3-11.6 ng/ml) and was not suppressed with dexamethasone. Although no pathological abdominal or pelvic mass was detected, total(More)
INTRODUCTION The rapid development of modern imaging techniques, has led to an increase in accidentally discovered adrenal masses without clinically apparent hormonal abnormalities. Such tumours have been termed "incidentalomas". The diagnostic work-up in patients with adrenal incidentalomas is aimed at the determination of hormonal activity of the tumour(More)
INTRODUCTION A wide use of imaging techniques results in more frequent diagnosis of adrenal incidenataloma. AIM To analyse the current state of knowledge on adrenal incidentaloma in adults in order to prepare practical management recommendations. METHODS Following a discussion, the Polish Society of Endocrinology expert working group have analysed the(More)
OBJECTIVE Von Hippel-Lindau disease (VHL) is an autosomal, dominant, hereditary disease occurring in approximately one in 36,000 births. VHL disease produces a variety of tumors and cysts in the central nervous system and visceral organs. Surgical management, when possible, improves prognosis and extends patient's life. When surgery is impossible, treatment(More)