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Apart from a single record in a shark, there have been no published studies conducted on Giardia genotypes in fish. The present study investigated the prevalence of Giardia in cultured fingerlings (n=227), wild freshwater (n=227) and wild marine/estuarine species (n=255) of fish in Western Australia by PCR amplification at the 18S rRNA, glutamate(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine the role of complementary and alternative medical (CAM) practitioners in integrative practices where general practitioners (GPs) and CAM practitioners were co-located. DESIGN This study used grounded theory, a qualitative methodology from the interpretive paradigm. SETTING A total of 23 integrative(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine bone mineral density (BMD) and the associations among BMD, menstrual history, disordered eating (DE), training history, intentional weight loss (IWL) and rib pain for the first time in female lightweight rowers. SETTING 9 lightweight rowing clubs, UK. PARTICIPANTS 29 Caucasian female lightweight rowers volunteered. 21 (12 active,(More)
In this paper, we report on an international study of undergraduate mathematics students_ conceptions of mathematics. Almost 1,200 students in five countries completed a short survey including three open-ended questions asking about their views of mathematics and its role in their future studies and planned professions. Responses were analysed starting from(More)
Involvement in Higher Education is seen by many people as a means of developing students’ critical abilities and is allied with the assumption that such learning will be benefi cial to the world-wide community. Th is viewpoint was exemplifi ed in the 2002 Johannesburg Earth Summit, where the role of Higher Education in preparing students to participate in(More)
Our recent research investigated the experiences of educators teaching statistics as service courses at universities. We conducted interviews by email with participants from many countries and whose teaching reflects diverse settings, student groups and disciplines—a microcosm of higher education today. We now focus on the tools, artefacts and resources(More)
Aims Investigators have proposed that cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) should have restrictions similar to those of ionizing imaging techniques. We aimed to investigate the acute effect of 1.5 T CMR on leucocyte DNA integrity, cell counts, and function in vitro, and in a large cohort of patients in vivo. Methods and results In vitro study:(More)
Background LV torsion Left ventricular torsion may be more sensitive in detecting pathology before changes in more traditional functional parameters, and the onset of symptoms. The current gold standard for evaluating torsion is CMR, but a wide variety of techniques exist and as yet the advantages and disadvantages remain to be determined. The use of(More)
Insulin is a life-saving medication but, if wrongly administered, it can cause death or severe harm. Errors in insulin administration are common, including the inappropriate use of intravenous syringes. We surveyed all clinical areas in our trust to identify types of syringes and needles available and how these were stored and distinguished from IV(More)
Background Cardiovascular sequelae represent a leading cause of mortality in Fabry disease. Early detection of cardiac involvement is therefore a subject of considerable interest. Low native T1 values have been shown to be associated with echocardiographic markers of early systolic and diastolic dysfunction, even in those without left ventricular(More)