Anna B. Ohlsson

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Terpenoids are involved in various defensive functions in plants, especially conifers. Epigenetic mechanisms, for example DNA methylation, can influence plant defence systems. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the influence of UV-B exposure on the release of terpenoids from spruce seedlings and on needle DNA methylation. Ten-week-old(More)
BACKGROUND We assume that critically ill patients are admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) based on their illness severity coupled with their co-morbidities. Patient attributes such as religion, nationality, socioeconomic class or gender are not relevant in this setting. We aimed to explore the association of patient gender with admission to the ICU(More)
Postprint This is the accepted version of a paper published in Forestry (London). This paper has been peer-reviewed but does not include the final publisher proof-corrections or journal pagination. Protection of spruce seedlings against pine weevil attacks by treatment of seeds or seedlings with nicotinamide, nicotinic acid and jasmonic acid. Access to the(More)
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