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Between 1965 and 1973 a total of 808 McKee-Farrar metal-on-metal cemented total hip arthroplasties were performed in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. Of these, 230 surviving arthroplasties have been reviewed at average follow-up of 13.9 years. There were good or excellent results in 49% of the arthroplasties as judged by the Harris hip score with 78% of(More)
The recent orthopaedic literature reflects a growing number of bone graft substitutes and osteogenic growth factors under investigation in a number of animal models. We attempted to establish a well-controlled, large animal model of a segmental defect in a weight-bearing long bone by developing a bilateral diaphyseal radial defect model in the canine. We(More)
We report the clinical and radiographic results of the Chiari pelvic osteotomy in 49 hips (45 patients) at an average of 14 years after operation. Of these hips, over half had minimal or no pain, had good or excellent results as assessed by the Harris hip score, and could walk at least three miles; three-quarters, however, had a positive Trendelenburg sign.(More)
CONTEXT Stretching prior to activity or as a rehabilitative intervention may promote increased throwing shoulder range of motion (ROM) in baseball pitchers. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the acute effects of Fauls modified passive stretching routine on throwing shoulder mobility in collegiate baseball players. DESIGN Repeated measures. SETTING Laboratory. (More)
We have reviewed 15 patients with infected total knee replacements after removal of the prosthesis, rigorous debridement, antibiotic irrigation, and prolonged systemic antibiotics. Infection was permanently eradicated in all patients; they were left with a functioning limb, on which they could walk with either a caliper (8 patients), a simple splint (3),(More)
We present a short term review of twenty-one De La Caffinière trapezio-metacarpal prostheses inserted into twenty patients with an average review time of fifteen months. Only one case was of rheumatoid arthritis and the main indication for operation was pain. From a functional and symptomatic point of view the results are similar to other series with(More)
Pediatric feeding/swallowing specialists commonly observe infants and toddlers who present with gagging or significant behavior state changes as a result of touch to oral and body regions. To date, this behavior has not been fully characterized or documented experimentally. This paper describes an exploratory study aimed at filling in these lacunae and(More)
The biomechanical properties of commercially available locked nail systems designed for use in comminuted femoral shaft fractures were compared and evaluated. Ender nails as well as three forms of interlocking nails, Brooker-Wills (B-W), Klenm-Schellman (K-S), and Grosse-Kempf (G-K), were implanted in cadaver femora. The femora were tested in torsion,(More)
The left clavicle of a 52-year-old patient was fractured at a road traffic accident in 1991. Three months after uneventful recovery axillary vein thrombosis developed on the side of the trauma, which was treated conservatively. One year after the trauma embolization of the left hand developed. The cause was an intimal tear with application thrombus, which(More)
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