Anna Antonyova

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Heat lost during the transfer in insulation characterizes the energy efficiency in buildings. Nowadays many discussions follow the aim whether polystyrene as porous insulating material meets the requirements that are put on building materials. One of the problems is not only heat lost due to conduction but also humidity level in the space between(More)
Thermal properties of building insulation are changed by the action of various external and internal influences. This causes the need for insulation material testing after a period of ten or fifteen years without its disturbing. The new measurement technology can monitor the temperature and humidity in the cavity between the building wall and insulation(More)
Managing the manufacturing process remotely through an Internet connection allows, inter alia, to avoid, for example, many negative phenomena affecting the environment, which become sometimes necessary in the ambient surrounding of the production facility. In a company, where decoration the boxes leads to a massive water pollution with the disperse(More)
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