Anna Agnieszka Tomczak

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Agrobacterium-mediated transient assays for gene function are increasingly being used as alternatives to genetic complementation and stable transformation. However, such assays are variable and not equally successful in different plant species. We analysed a range of genetic and physiological factors affecting transient expression following(More)
The RGC2 gene cluster in lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is one of the largest known families of genes encoding nucleotide binding site-leucine-rich repeat (NBS-LRR) proteins. One of its members, RGC2B, encodes Dm3 which determines resistance to downy mildew caused by the oomycete Bremia lactucae carrying the cognate avirulence gene, Avr3. We developed an(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate and compare the anti-platelet action of extracts from three different plants: bark of Yucca schidigera, seeds of grape and berries of Aronia melanocarpa (chokeberry). Anti-platelet action of tested extracts was compared with action of well characterized antioxidative and anti-platelet commercial monomeric(More)
BACKGROUND NAA, marker of neurons integrity and viability, is one of the most important brain metabolites visible in 1H MRS. In most studies of schizophrenia, the decrease of NAA level was observed in the temporal, frontal lobes and in the thalamus. This finding was observed more often among chronic patients, what suggests the influence of disease duration(More)
Somatic embryogenesis in cucumber cell suspension culture is a convenient tool to study differential gene expression, particularly during the early stages of this process. In this study, we used the cucumber somatic embryogenesis system to detect genes that were differentially transcribed during the induction of embryo development. We identified and cloned(More)
Recently, air pollution has been classified as a carcinogen largely on the evidence of epidemiological studies of lung cancer. However, there have been few prospective studies that have evaluated associations between fine particulate matter (PM2.5 ) and cancer at lower concentrations. We conducted a prospective analysis of 89,234 women enrolled in the(More)
The authors analyse problem of alcohol dependence in the patients of the traumatic department (orthopedics) and the internal department (endocrinology). The evaluation of the dependence was made by the help of MAST. This test is easy to perform by the patients themselves. As authors predicted, the probability of alcohol dependence was higher among the(More)
UNLABELLED During activation, blood platelets (PLT) release a number of micromolecular compounds, of which P-selectin and beta-thromboglobulin (beta-TG) are considered the major markers of the activation. The activated platelets and the released micromolecular compounds actively participate in thromboembolic disorders frequently observed in menopause. Low(More)
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