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BACKGROUND The response rate of ovarian mucinous carcinomas to paclitaxel/carboplatin is low, prompting interest in targeted molecular therapies. We investigated HER2 expression and amplification, and the potential for trastuzumab therapy in this histologic subtype of ovarian cancer. METHODS HER2 status was tested in 33 mucinous carcinomas and 16 mucinous(More)
The newly developed immunomodulator tacrolimus (FK506) is the first of a new class of agents that have enormous potential to change the way that dermatoses are treated and managed. Tacrolimus has been found to be active in a topical formulation with the latter exerting its effects by acting on the signal transduction pathways inside T cells and inhibiting(More)
Terbinafine is an allylamine antifungal agent that has been effective and safe in the treatment of superficial and some deep mycotic infections in adults. An increasing amount of data is available where terbinafine has been used in the paediatric population to treat superficial fungal infections, in particular tinea capitis. The data suggest that(More)
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