Anna A Magaeva

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The tumour microenvironment regulates tumour progression and the spread of cancer in the body. Targeting the stromal cells that surround cancer cells could, therefore, improve the effectiveness of existing cancer treatments. Here, we show that magnetic nanoparticle clusters encapsulated inside a liposome can, under the influence of an external magnet,(More)
Superparamagnetic nanoparticles varying by their chemical composition and synthesis method were used to transfer DNA into somatic cells under the infl uence of constant magnetic field (method of magnetofection). Magnetite particles obtained by mechanochemical synthesis ensured higher expression of the marker gene GFP (evaluated by fluorescence intensity of(More)
Contractile reactions of the guinea pig airway smooth muscles in the presence of stannum dioxide nanosized particles were studied. Contractile reactions to cholinergic and histaminergic stimulation were potentiated by inhalations of nanoparticle aerosol and by exposure of isolated smooth muscle segments to nanoparticle suspension.
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