AnnMarie Gooch

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Within neurons of several regions of the CNS, mature dendrite architecture is attained via extensive reorganization of arbor during the developmental period. Since dendrite morphology determines the firing patterns of the neuron, morphological refinement of dendritic arbor may have important implications for mature network activity. In the neocortex, a(More)
Testicular feminization is a rare condition: estimates of the incidence vary from 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 130,000 births. Those affected show a normal female physique and orientation: however, they have a short vagina but no uterus, and their gonads are testes which are to be found in the abdomen or in the inguinal canal. The karyotype is male, XY (Jacobs et(More)
BACKGROUND Several Rh D phenotypes with partial D antigens are recognized. Some partial D antigens are associated with low-incidence Rh antigens. New partial D antigens are revealed by an atypical pattern of reactions with anti-D. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS The reactions of D variant cells with panels of monoclonal anti-D and with antibodies to(More)
A young lady with a rare Bombay (Oh) blood group had two successive uneventful pregnancies. Her serum contained a potent high-titre anti-H and serological as well as chemiluminescence tests, suggesting that the antibody was haemolytic. Her husband was of the normal H status. Theoretically, both babies should have been positive for the H antigen and should(More)
By Roberta V. Wiediger, Ph.D. Washington State University December 2008 Chair: John W. Wright These experiments were designed to find evidence regarding the relationship between the hippocampus and matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) during the head-shake response (HSR) task/classical conditioning paradigm. Habituation is the simplest form of learning, where an(More)
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