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  • Si T Schlomka, Das, +9 authors Jr
  • 1972
Theory of electrodynamics in media in noninertial frames and applications, " J. Abstrucf-The Viterbi algorithm (VA) is a recursive optimal solution to the problem of estimating the state sequence of a discrete-time finite-state Markov process observed in memoryless noise. Many problems in areas such as digital communications can be cast in this form. This(More)
We consider the set Mn of all n-truncated power moment sequences of probability measures on [0, 1]. We endow this set with the uniform probability. Picking randomly a point in Mn, we show that the upper canonical measure associated with this point satisfies a large deviation principle. Moderate deviation are also studied completing earlier results on(More)
(2008). The discourse of collaborative creative writing: Peer collaboration as a context for mutual inspiration. Copyright and Moral Rights for the articles on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. For more information on Open Research Online's data policy on reuse of materials please consult the policies page.(More)
Publication of IJRM benefits from copyright protection in accordance with Universal Copyright Convention. All published articles will become the property of the IJRM. The editor and publisher accept no responsibility for the statements expressed by the authors here in. Also they do not guarantee, warrant or endorse any product or service advertised in the(More)
close to the climatic limit for existence may disintegrate rapidly. During the next years, increased attention should be paid to the section of the LIS south of Seal Nunataks, which may be subject to major changes if the warming continues. In November 1994, we observed a transverse rift-50 km in length in section 1,-30 km inland from the ice front. and(More)
Some of our readers will make the immediate association of the title of this editorial essay with a much larger work, Hans-Georg Gadamer's magnum opus of the same name. The association is not entirely unintended, though not because our few words meri t consideration of the kind that Gadamer's book, one of the central achievements of modern philosophy, has(More)
Oh, you will say, looking at those words, of course, the contributors to, the Journal of Religion and Health. Not likely. But in fact, that is exactly what those are who direct their writing to the Journal and appear in it, intercessors for a very special clientele, brokers for their often beleaguered clients, advocates for a generosity of understanding,(More)