Ann Z McColgin

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Major advances in cataract extraction techniques and instrumentation have occurred over the past decade. Smaller incisions, more efficient phacoemulsifiers, and decreased surgical times are a few of the changes that have helped to alleviate postoperative inflammation, but postoperative inflammation continues to be a cause of patient discomfort; delayed(More)
sterilising such corneal forceps is approximately £1/item. If unavailable in outpatients, the cost to open (and therefore sterilise) a standard eye set from theatre is £20, not accounting for the additional costs of theatre and staffing. Use of disposable corneal forceps ensures a readily available supply of good-quality instruments, in contrast to(More)
PURPOSE To characterize the presentation of diffuse interface keratitis after laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK). METHODS Case report. RESULTS Diffuse interface keratitis occurred in the left eye of a postoperative LASIK patient after central epithelial debridement without exposure of the flap margin or elevation of the flap. CONCLUSION Diffuse(More)
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