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Sparse low-dimensional matrix factorization methods applied to biological data with latent structure Graphical model selection in high dimensional settings: Practical methods and fundamental limits
Despite the importance of aggression in the behavioral repertoire of most animals, relatively little is known of its proximate causation and control. To take advantage of modern methods of genetic analysis for studying this complex behavior, we have developed a quantitative framework for studying aggression in common laboratory strains of the fruit fly,(More)
BACKGROUND Traditionally, cholecystectomy for cholecystitis is performed within 3 days of the onset of symptoms or after 5 weeks, allowing for resolution of the inflammatory response. This study reviewed the outcomes of cholecystectomy performed for patients with gallstone disease in the acute (n = 45), intermediate (n = 55), and delayed (n = 102) periods(More)
BACKGROUND Although quality of life (QOL) is generally improved by heart transplantation, medical noncompliance and mental health and QOL limitations often emerge and persist. Transplant teams' ability to address these issues is hampered because many patients reside long distances from the transplant program. We therefore conducted the first empirical(More)
Mutations in the dystrophin gene cause Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) most commonly through loss of protein expression. In a small subpopulation of patients, missense mutations can cause DMD, Becker muscular dystrophy, or X-linked cardiomyopathy. Nearly one-half of disease-causing missense mutations are located in actin-binding domain 1 (ABD1) of(More)
Various reports and opinion papers have offered suggestions to alleviate the national and California RN shortages. The methodology of using the report card concept for comparing the number of RN jobs per 100,000 populations regionally with the national database further highlights the severe shortage of RN's in various regions in California. This report card(More)
Tissue-engineered arteries based on entrapment of human dermal fibroblasts in fibrin gel yield completely biological vascular grafts that possess circumferential alignment characteristic of native arteries and essential to their mechanical properties. A bioreactor was developed to condition six grafts in the same culture medium while being subjected to(More)
Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is being used to evaluate individuals after acute traumatic brain injury. These studies have shown that changes in certain brain metabolites are associated with poor neurologic outcomes. The majority of MRS studies have been obtained relatively late after injury, but there have been a few reports of use early(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients with chronic dialysis-dependent end-stage renal disease are increasingly referred for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and their early outcome is less favorable. Off-pump CABG (OPCAB) has achieved encouraging results in high-risk patients. Therefore, we designed this retrospective study to test the hypothesis that OPCAB reduced(More)