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BACKGROUND Both physical and emotional traumas have been related to neurologic and neuroendocrine abnormalities that may be associated with violent behavior. METHODS A modified case-control design was used for blinded comparison of 113 female inmates convicted of violent and nonviolent crimes. History of having been physically or sexually abused,(More)
BACKGROUND Internet safety is a growing public concern especially among adults and youth who live in an "instant messaging" world of technological communication. To better understand how early adolescents are using the Internet, a study was undertaken to more clearly identify the online general use, safety knowledge, and risk behaviors of middle school(More)
A study of 66 children and adolescents exploited by adults through sex rings and pornography shows that three-fourths of the victims demonstrated patterns of negative psychological and social adjustment after the rings were exposed. More than 61% of the victims had been ring members for more than a year and slightly more than half of the victims had been(More)
In a longitudinal study of 81 adult rape victims reinterviewed four to six years later, effects of the rape on subsequent sexual functioning are analyzed. Most victims who had been sexually active were found to experience changes in frequency of sexual activity and in sexual response. Interview responses of victims are reported, and suggestions are offered(More)
This study examined the cost effectiveness of the rehabilitation of child molesters by designing and testing a cost-benefit model. The model uses program and reoffense data from a treatment center for offenders and costs derived from averaged figures obtained from state agencies. Results of the analysis, as well as related policy issues, are discussed.
Sexual abuse is considered to be a pandemic contemporary public health issue, with significant physical and psychosocial consequences for its victims. However, the incidence of elder sexual assault is difficult to estimate with any degree of confidence. A convenience sample of 284 case records were reviewed for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)(More)
BACKGROUND Little is understood about neuropathophysiology and neuroendocrinology associated with childhood sexual abuse by a family member in females who commit homicide. OBJECTIVES To determine if females sexually abused by a family member as a child also experienced more childhood physical abuse, had more neurological histories including traumatic(More)