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BACKGROUND The risks of premature birth and perinatal death are increased after in vitro fertilization. These risks are mainly due to the high incidence of multiple births, which relates to the number of embryos transferred. METHODS We performed a randomized, multicenter trial to assess the equivalence of two approaches to in vitro fertilization with(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate whether, in a large randomized trial, it is possible to identify specific maternal and/or embryo variables that could independently correlate with ongoing implantation in IVF/ICSI. METHODS In a Scandinavian study, 661 women were randomized to elective single embryo transfer or double embryo transfer.(More)
PURPOSE We wanted to answer the question of whether physiological dilation of normal extremity veins can induce temporary valvular leakage and reflux. METHODS Directional flow was recorded in 22 forearm and popliteal veins by Doppler duplex scanning after distal compression. Reflux was assessed by valve closure time and calculation of a "reflux index,"(More)
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