Ann-Sofie Bjerre

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Past studies have explored some of the associations between particular motor and sensory characteristics and specific categories of non-neurological infantile nystagmus. The purpose of this case study is to extend this body of work significantly by describing the trends and associations found in a database of 224 subjects who have undergone(More)
BACKGROUND Growth retardation in paediatric end-stage renal disease (ESRD) has a serious impact on adult life. It is potentially treatable with recombinant growth hormone (rGH). In this study, we aimed to quantify the variation in rGH policies and actual provided care in these patients across Europe. METHODS Renal registry representatives of 38 European(More)
CMV infections are common after SOT. v-GCV is increasingly used in children. The aim of this study was to evaluate presently used dosing algorithms. Data from 104 pediatric SOT recipients (kidney, liver, and heart) aged 0.3-16.9 yr and receiving v-GCV once a day were used for model development and validation with the Pmetrics package for R. Monte Carlo(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the inter-examiner variability and agreement of the alternate prism cover test (APCT) measurements of strabismus at near and distance fixation performed by 4 examiners. METHODS Forty-one participants (median age 12 years, range 3-74) with horizontal strabismus completed APCT measurements at near (1/3 m) and distance (5 m) fixation.(More)
Therapeutic effects of PSD-95 inhibition have been demonstrated in numerous studies of stroke; however only few studies have assessed the effects of PSD-95 inhibitors in traumatic brain injury (TBI). As the pathophysiology of TBI partially overlaps with that of stroke, PSD-95 inhibition may also be an effective therapeutic strategy in TBI. The objectives of(More)
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