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Images of Black Americans are becoming remarkably diverse, enabling Barack Obama to defy simple-minded stereotypes and succeed. Understood through the Stereotype Content Model's demonstrably fundamental trait dimensions of perceived warmth and competence, images of Black Americans show three relevant patterns. Stereotyping by omission allows non-Blacks to(More)
Computational analysis of natural language is often focused on the syntactic structure of language– often with no regard to the overall context and area of expertise of the analyzed text. In this paper, we present a means of analyzing text documents from various areas of expertise to discover groups of thematically similar texts with no prior information(More)
BACKGROUND Despite a burgeoning interest in using interprofessional approaches to promote effective collaboration in health care, systematic reviews find scant evidence of benefit. This protocol describes the first cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) to design and evaluate an intervention intended to improve interprofessional collaborative(More)
This exploratory paper uses the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithm to analyze the online collaborative discourses of an interprofessional team (N=23) of hospital workers engaged in an 18-month reflective practice and continuous learning project. Interprofessional practice is an emerging best practice model in health care internationally. However, there is(More)
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