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Evidence is accumulating for physical activity as an effective, well-tolerated, highly rewarding complementary behavioral intervention for enhancing quality of life (QOL) as well as fitness among individuals with chronic and even terminal illnesses. However, relatively few studies have examined the feasibility and potential health benefits of supervised,(More)
There is general agreement that the oxygen demand of level running is similar for both the treadmill (TM) and overground situations at speeds under 260 m X min-1. However, controversy exists with regard to inclined running. The prevailing view, represented by the ACSM prediction formulas, is that overground hill running is theoretically more costly than(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to evaluate potential preventive effects of meditation or exercise on incidence, duration, and severity of acute respiratory infection (ARI) illness. METHODS Community-recruited adults aged 50 years and older were randomized to 1 of 3 study groups: 8-week training in mindfulness meditation, matched 8-week training in(More)
Immediate breast reconstruction is offered to the majority of women requiring a mastectomy for cancer treatment. Improvements in implant technology have seen the evolution of shaped, fixed-volume implants and permanent expanders. The theoretical benefits of biodimensional anatomical expander implants include better reconstructed breast form, the potential(More)
PURPOSE The major aims of this study were to determine whether a single session of resistance exercise would alter insulin sensitivity, glucose effectiveness, and C-peptide response to glucose challenge in a group of previously sedentary, postmenopausal women. METHODS Ten postmenopausal women (aged 57.5 +/- 1.6 yr) were studied. Each participant underwent(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether a test developed to predict maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) during over-ground walking, was similarly valid as a predictor of peak oxygen consumption (VO2) when administered during a 1-mile (1.61 km) treadmill walk. Treadmill walk time, mean heart rate over the last 2 full min of the walk test, age, and(More)
This investigation examined the influence of pre-exercise hydration status, and water intake during low intensity exercise (5.6 km · h−1 at 5% gradient) in the heat (33° C), on plasma testosterone (TEST), cortisol (CORT), adrenaline (A), and noradrenaline (NA) concentrations at baseline (BL), pre-exercise (PRE), and immediately (IP), 24 h (24 P), and 48 h(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the association among different methods to assess outcome following breast reconstruction. The aim of this study was to comprehensively compare four distinct methods of outcome evaluation following immediate breast reconstruction. METHODS There were 102 women who were prospectively evaluated: 46 patients had submuscular(More)
BACKGROUND Biodimensional devices may provide a superior breast form when an implant is considered for immediate breast reconstruction for breast cancer. The authors prospectively report patient perception of outcome using a permanent anatomical expander implant following a planned one-stage procedure. METHODS The Quality of Life Questionnaire BR-23 was(More)
DNA methylation of tumor-suppressor genes occurs early in the molecular transformation of precursor events to breast cancer and is therefore of interest to screening in high-risk women. The aim of this study was to use tumor-suppressor genes that have previously been shown to be cancer predictive in tissue to evaluate the potential of DNA methylation assays(More)