Ann Ping Hong

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Patients with bone metastases from breast cancer often experience substantial skeletal complications -- including debilitating bone pain -- which negatively affect quality of life. Zoledronic acid (4 mg) has been demonstrated to reduce significantly the risk of skeletal complications in these patients and is administered via a short, 15-min infusion every 3(More)
BACKGROUND Vinorelbine is active and well tolerated against advanced breast cancer but there are no published efficacy studies in early breast cancer. We have therefore carried out a randomised phase III neoadjuvant trial in operable breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with > or =3 cm operable breast carcinoma were randomised to receive either(More)
Intracranial germ cell tumours are rare. The incidence of primary intracranial yolk sac tumour is even more uncommon, with only two reported cases being associated with Down's syndrome in the English literature. This report details the findings of yolk sac tumour in the pineal region affecting a 22 year old Chinese man with Down's syndrome. Histology(More)
The effect of surface charge reversal of a fused-silica capillary was investigated for the conditions used in the determination of inorganic anions with potentiometric detection. A 25-micron-i.d. capillary was coated with permanently bonded polyacrylamide incorporating a quaternary amine, and a sodium sulfate solution was employed as electrolyte. As(More)
A simple analytical model is developed to predict the average crack spacing and crack depth in highway pavements due to thermal loading. The pavement is modeled as a beam on a Winkler elastic foundation. The effect of cracks on the pavement is considered on the basis of compliance functions. A simple method is introduced to describe the behavior of the(More)
Gliomatosis peritonei (GP) describes the implantation of mature neuroglial tissue in the peritoneum and is usually associated with mature ovarian teratoma but is also found in cases of immature teratoma. We report the case of a patient with recurrent mature ovarian teratoma, GP, endometriosis (with malignant transformation), and carcinoid tumor, found at(More)
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