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The purpose of the present studies was to define the role of the I359L allelic variant of CYP2C9 in the metabolism of the low therapeutic index anticoagulant warfarin, by performing in vitro kinetic(More)
A generally applicable, rapid, and sensitive method for profiling and sequencing of glycoprotein-associated N-linked oligosaccharides from protein gels was developed. The method employed sodium(More)
This paper describes a sensitive method for analysis of N-linked carbohydrates released enzymatically from within the gel following separation of glycoproteins (50-100 pmols) by sodium dodecyl(More)
A family of about 20 novel acidic bi- and tri-antennary N-glycans, amounting to almost half those expressed on Bowes melanoma tissue-plasminogen activator (t-PA) were found to possess(More)