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Matched populations of head-injured patients and normal control subjects completed three "forced-choice" face processing tasks designed to test facial expression recognition, familiar face recognition, and unfamiliar face matching. We hypothesised a significant difference in the performance of the patients and controls on the three tasks, and hoped to(More)
BACKGROUND The American College of Surgeons has defined six minimum activation criteria (ACS-6) for the highest level of trauma activations at trauma centers. The verification criteria also allow for the inclusion of additional criteria at the institution's discretion. The purpose of this prospective multicenter study was to evaluate the ACS-6 as well as(More)
OBJECTIVE Estimate annual incidence rates (IRs) of hip symptoms and three osteoarthritis (OA) outcomes (radiographic, symptomatic, and severe radiographic) overall and by race, sociodemographic characteristics, and hip OA risk factors. DESIGN Analyze baseline (1991-1997) and first follow-up (1999-2003) data (n = 1446) from the Johnston County(More)
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