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The hypervigilance model of pain perception states that chronic pain patients have a heightened sensitivity to pain (e.g. low threshold and tolerance) because of increased attention to external stimulation and a preoccupation with pain sensations. This study tested the hypothesis that individuals with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder of undetermined(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to assess infertile couples' attitudes toward the procedures of embryo donation (ED) and to identify factors predicting interest in donation. METHODS Fifty-one couples who had received IVF treatment and had subsequently had embryos cryopreserved for >3 years were located and sent written information about the procedures(More)
STUDY DESIGN This retrospective study examined the effect of civil litigation on reports of pain and disability in chronic pain patients who sustained whiplash injuries after a motor vehicle accident. OBJECTIVES To examine the effect of litigation on adjustment to chronic pain. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA A common methodologic weakness with many studies(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the reliability with which tenderness could be evaluated in patients with chronic myalgias, using dolorimetry and palpation. METHODS Three blinded examiners using pressure dolorimetry and digital palpation compared 19 paired tender points and 8 paired control points in 4 matched groups of 6 patients with fibromyalgia (FM),(More)
This study examined the impact of two contextual cues--stress and aging--on conceptualizations of, and health care responses to, physical symptoms. Eighty-three undergraduates each read four vignettes describing a woman experiencing physical symptoms indicative of either heart attack, depression, ulcer, or flu. Subjects were randomly assigned to one of six(More)
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