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At the Information Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University 1, we have been developing a system in which it is possible to deliver data to a presentation machine from a remote machine across a public network at a sustained high rate. We have called this system a Continuous Time Media System (CTMS). We have found that the UNIX 2 model used for(More)
Undergraduates can study state-of-the-art distributed systems by using collections of low-cost workstations. A quality education in contemporary computer science requires that students gain experience with realistic systems. Many efforts at bringing empirical computer science to undergraduates focus on rather old technologies, for example, building a(More)
international Standard "Office Document ArchiteCture and Interchange Format" (ODA) [ISO 9541| as the basis for our Thispaper providessome back, oj'oundon mutlimed_ systems exchan(je facility IRosenberg}.However, it is ctearthat another andODA, andconsiderswhetherODA canmeet someneedsol task is to provide a way to integrate together multimedia(More)
Retail poultry products are known sources of antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli, a major human health concern. Consumers have a range of choices for poultry, including conventional, organic, kosher, and raised without antibiotics (RWA) - designations that are perceived to indicate differences in quality and safety. However, whether these categories vary(More)
Introduction listing of the document format features that we supThis paper describes our experiences in translating ported in our translations, _, processable multi-media documents among diverse systems. We performed these translations using the interThe EXPRES Project ! national standard Office Document Architecture (ODA) In June 1986, the National Science(More)
We describe a development environment we created for prototyping software for the Macintosh. The programs are developed and executed on a large time-shared computer but can use the full facilities of the Macintosh. By using this system, we combine the advantages of the large system, such as large amounts of disk storage and automatic file backups, with the(More)
Through the EXPRES project, Carnegie Mellon University has been investigating the use of Office Document Architecture as an intermediate representation when translating documents from one multimedia system to another. This paper describes our environment and our needs for exchanging multimedia information. A brief sample of interchanged documents between(More)
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