Ann-Marie Martoglio

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MOTIVATION A number of algorithms and analytical models have been employed to reduce the multidimensional complexity of DNA array data and attempt to extract some meaningful interpretation of the results. These include clustering, principal components analysis, self-organizing maps, and support vector machine analysis. Each method assumes an implicit model(More)
BACKGROUND Complementary DNA array analysis of gene expression has a potential application for clinical diagnosis of disease processes. However, accessibility, affordability, reproducibility of results, and management of the data generated remain issues of concern. Use of cDNA arrays tailored for studies of specific pathways, tissues, or disease states may(More)
Oviductal non-ciliated secretory epithelial cells, under hormonal stimulation, synthesize and secrete a family of glycoproteins referred to as oviductins. These glycoproteins are found in oviductal fluid in several mammalian species, and have been localized in the oviduct, and in the zona pellucida of ovulated oocytes. In the golden hamster, this(More)
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