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Foreign Policy Dimensions: A Comparison Between the United States and Sweden
In this article we compare the structuring of citizens' attitudes on foreign policy issues in the U.S.A. and Sweden. Most of the studies in this area have been carried out on U.S. data, which haveExpand
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How Ideas Influence Decision-Making: Olof Palme and Swedish foreign policy, 1965–1975
The main research question in this study is how ideas matter during different phases of a decision-making process. More specifically, the study examines whether principled and causal ideas influenceExpand
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When, How and Why Are Junior Coalition Parties Able to Affect a Government's Foreign Policy? A Study of Swedish Coalition Governments 2006–2014
Junior partners in a coalition government are torn between an eagerness to profile themselves, and to show loyalty to the coalition. We investigate when, how and why junior coalition parties affectExpand
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Power, identity, modernity. Individualisation and destabilisation in a globalised world
In what is called, with an almost worn-out word, a globalised world, individualisation and destabilisation seem to be the two most central traits in both politics and society, internationally as wellExpand
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Conclusion: Toward a Theory on the Variation of Mediatization of Foreign Policy
In the final chapter the findings are summarized. The results are situated in relation to the theoretical argument regarding the need for a more narrowly defined research agenda concerning theExpand
Mediatisation of European foreign policy – a cross-time, cross-national comparison
According to Media Studies research, the mediatisation (Asp 1986, 1990) of society has occurred at an accelerating pace since the early 1990s (Krotz 2007, 2009; Mazzoleni 2008; Hjarvard 2008, 2009;Expand
Mediatization of Foreign Policy Decision-Making
In the introductory chapter the central argument of the book is introduced: the need to empirically study the scope conditions of mediatization. Based on this discussion, the aim of the book isExpand
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Ett liv efter Nya Moderaterna
Life after “The New Moderate Party”? The purpose of this article is to contribute with explanations regarding the election result of the Moderate Party in 2014 . The Moderate Party received 23 . 3Expand
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