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Numerical Simulation and Validation Study of Wetdeck Slamming on High Speed Catamaran
Abstract : This paper presents a numerical simulation method for predicting the wetdeck slamming of a high-speed catamaran. The numerical simulation method is built upon the framework of the LargeExpand
Joint High Speed Sealift (JHSS) Segmented Model Test Data Analysis and Validation of Numerical Simulations
Abstract : The Joint High Speed Sealift (JHSS) segmented model (Model 5663) tests performed in 2007 at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWCCD) were designed to provide a large dataExpand
The Distribution of Breaking and Non-Breaking Wave Impact Forces
Abstract : The magnitude of wave impact loads varies greatly, depending upon whether the wave is breaking, as well as on the wave height, length, steepness, and the geometry and immersion of theExpand
Axial Waterjet (AxWJ) Model 5662 and Mixed-Flow Waterjet (MxWJ) Model 5662-1: Comparisons of Resistance and Model-Scale Powering with Propulsion Nozzle Designs
Abstract : This report is a partial documentation of two series of model-scale experiments conducted 5/07-6/07, comparing the Axial Waterjet (AxWJ) Model 5662 and the Mixed-Flow Waterjet (MxWJ) ModelExpand
JHSS Baseline Shaft and Strut (BSS) Model 5653-3 Added Resistance and Powering and Ship Motions, Sea State 6 Random Waves and Regular Waves
Abstract : Resistance and powering tests were conducted on Model 5653-3 in calm water, in sea state 6 (SS6) random waves, and in regular waves. Model 5653-3 is representative of the Joint High SpeedExpand